What should I know about dashboard levels?

Safeguarding Dashboard has three levels:

  • Level 1 - Safer Foundations
  • Level 2 - Safer Activities
  • Level 3 - Safer Practices

These are summarised in a single sheet entitled: Safeguarding Dashboard Levels

Level 1 - Safer Foundations

All parishes start at Level 1 which contains 18 dashboard lights.

To progress to Level 2, at least 12 dashboard lights must be turned green.  Promotion happens automatically during the night, and an email notification is sent to the dashboard owner.

Level 2 - Safer Activities

The Level 2 dashboard displays some additional lights associated with church activities.  The original Level 1 lights are still displayed.

The dashboard owner is asked to make a list of any church activities for children, young people and vulnerable adults.  Please read: Church Activities on the Dashboard.

A mini-dashboard is automatically created for each church activity.

To progress to Level 3:

  • The PCC must review and approve the list of church activities
  • Most of the Level 2 dashboard lights must be turned green

Level 3 - Safer Practices

The Level 3 dashboard displays the final set of additional lights.  The original Level 1 and 2 lights are still displayed.

The Level 3 lights comprise the other requirements in the Parish Safeguarding Handbook that are not covered by the preceding levels.


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