Dashboard developments


As more people use Safeguarding Dashboards, new ideas are being suggested to make life simpler for everyone.  Some of these ideas are quite simple to implement, others require significantly more work.

Minor developments

Security updgrades and minor developments will be implemented at the discretion of Clearly Simpler at no additonal charge.  The cost of minor developments is covered by the Annual Fee paid by participating dioceses.

Medium-size developments

Medium-size developments will always be discussed with participating dioceses via the Dashboard User Group.

A costed proposal will be submitted for each new development, and it will only proceed with the agreement of the Dashboard User Group.  If it comes to a vote, this will require more dioceses voting in favour than voting against.

If agreed by the User Group, medium-size developments will be funded by a modest increase in the Annual Fee paid by all paricipating dioceses in subsequent years (including any dioceses that voted against it).

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Developments being Considered Annual Fee Increase Current Status

Customising dashboard emails

To provide a new Dashboard Tool which will allow each diocese to easily customise dashboard emails.   For example, a diocese could add their own message of congratulations from the DSA or bishop when a dashboard is promoted to Level 2.

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£15 Open for discussion by the User Group until 21 July.

Supporting the new Learning and Development Framework.

This includes:

  • Creating a new dashboard light for each learning pathway
  • Collecting from parishes the number of church officers that need to complete each learning pathway
  • Creating a new Pathway Summary Report that summarises parish data for diocesan staff

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£90 Open for discussion by the User Group.

Removal of inactive users

Inactive users might include:

  • Clergy who have moved from the parish
  • Safeguarding officers who have stepped down
  • People who registered but never started to use Safeguarding Dashboards

Inactive users could be automatically removed after a reasonable period – say 12 months.

£15 Suggested at a User Group meeting in February 2021.  Graeme needs to write a propsal for discussion.

The total cost of medium-size developments will not increase
the Annual Fee by more than £200 in any calendar year.


Major developments

Working in partnership with parishes, dioceses and the National Safeguarding Team, Clearly Simpler will write a detailed specification for any major development.

For example, we are currently writing a specification for a Safer Recruitment Hub.  This will fully comply with the new Safer Recruitment and People Management Guidance, and will significantly simplify the recruitment of parish volunteers.

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Major developments may be funded by a one-off cost or by a separate annual fee.  However, such developments will be entirely optional, and there will be no obligation for any diocese to contribute towards their cost.

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