Dashboard developments


Any diocese is welcome to suggest a new development.

Minor developments

Security updgrades and minor developments are implemented at the discretion of Clearly Simpler at no additonal cost.

Medium-size developments

A costed proposal is first discussed, and then voted upon, by the Dashboard User Group.  Each diocese has one vote, and all votes must be cast within a 7-day window.  Any diocese that does not cast their vote within the 7-day window is deemed to have abstained.

A proposal is only implemented if more dioceses vote in favour than vote against.  It is funded by a modest increase in the Annual Fee paid by all paricipating dioceses in subsequent years (including any dioceses that vote against it).

The total cost of these developments will not increase the Annual Fee by more than £200 in any calendar year.

Major developments

Major developments may be funded by a one-off cost or by a separate annual fee.  However, such developments will be entirely optional, and there will be no obligation for any diocese to contribute towards their cost.

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