Must we have one dashboard for each parish?

The Church of England has a complex organisational structure which includes churches, districts, parishes, benefices and groups.

Dashboards can be created at any level within this structure; but, as a general rule, it’s usually best to have one dashboard for each parish.  This is because the Parish Safeguarding Handbook sets out the responsibilities of each Parochial Church Council (PCC).

There are, however, two common exceptions to this rule:

  • If safeguarding responsibilities have been delegated to District Church Councils, it might be better to have a separate dashboard for each district instead.
  • If parishes are working together with a joint-PCC, it might be better to have a combined dashboard for that benefice or group instead.

The key question is: “Which governing body has the main responsibility for safeguarding?” The answer to this question will indicate the most useful place for a dashboard.

Please contact your diocesan safeguarding team if you want to change the number of dashboards.

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