Dashboard updates - May 2024

In response to feedback from dashboard users, two improvements were made made to Safeguarding Dashboards in May 2024.

Advance notice of actions

Several parishes had requested advance notice of actions.  For example, where a policy needed to be reviewed by the PCC, they asked if they could be notified three months in advance. This would allow sufficient time for the PCC to review the policy before it became overdue.

To accommodate this request, a dashboard light will now turn amber three months before an action becomes overdue.  This means that dashboard lights now have a new meaning:

  • Green - no action is needed
  • Amber - advance notice that action will soon be needed
  • Red - action is overdue

Review dates for questions

The answers to most dashboard questions need to be reviewed from time to time.  Although the dashboard usually asked when a question was last reviewed, this was not always the case.

We have now made sure that all questions have a review date where relevant. Read more

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