What is the Dashboard Executive Group?


The Dashboard Executive Group comprises:

  • Eight diocesan members.
  • Two members appointed by the NST.
  • Two members appointed by Clearly Simpler.

One diocesan member is appointed by each of the eight safeguarding regional groupings.

Diocesan members are appointed for a term of three years.  Any casual vacancies are only filled until the next round of appointments.


The chair of the Dashboard Executive Group is appointed by the group members.


The Dashboard Executive Group has the following responsibilities:

  • To consider any significant changes to the dashboard, and to make recommendation to the Dashboard User Group.
  • To approve any minor dashboard changes (for example, the wording of dashboard questions).
  • To undertake any other tasks delegated by the Dashboard User Group.


The Dashboard Executive Group is accountable to the Dashboard User Group.

Any changes to these Terms of Reference must be approved by the User Group.


Meetings will usually be held online by Teams at the times set by the Chair.

To be quorate, a meeting must have at least:

  • 4 diocesan members, and
  • 1 NST member
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