Manage Places

Diocesan staff can add, rename, move or delete dashboards.
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Where to find the tool

Dashboard tools are only available to diocesan staff who have requested access.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in
  3. Select 'Manage places' in the left-hand meu

Please note that this tool is only accessible to diocesan users who have specifically asked for it.

What does this tool do?

This tool is used to:

  • Add a new dashboard
  • Rename an existing dashboard
  • Move a dashboard to a different location
  • Delete a dashboard that is not required

Multi-parish benefices

Most multi-parish benefices have a separate PCC for each parish, and therefore need a separate dashboard for each parish.

However, a multi-parish benefice with a joint PCC might prefer to have a single dashboard for the whole benefice.  There are two alternative methods for making this change:

  1. Add the new benefice* and then delete the individual parishes; OR
  2. Rename one of the parishes with the name of the benefice, and then delete the other parishes

Method 2 is slightly quicker, and it also preserves any data in the renamed parish.

* When adding the new benefice, it needs to be created as a pseudo-parish.

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