First steps

We have helped many dioceses to roll out Safeguarding Dashboards, and we will be pleased to guide you every step of the way.

For those who want to plan ahead, these are the steps that we will be taking.

Step 1 - Send us a list of parishes

Put us in touch with the person who maintains your list of parishes, and we'll tell them exactly what we need.  It usually takes less than 10 minutes.

Step 2 - We'll set up your dashboards

There's nothing that you need to do here.  We promise to do this within two weeks, but usually it only takes a couple of days.

Step 3 - Three strategic decisions

Every parish needs to be sent a dashboard invitation; however, before doing so, you need to make three strategic decisions.

  • What will be your approach to Safeguarding Dashboards?
    Some dioceses have recommended Safeguarding Dashboards to their parishes, but have made them optional.
    Other dioceses have chosen to make the dashboards mandatory.
    We are happy to discuss the pros and cons of each approach.
  • Who will you invite?
    Some dioceses have only invited the PSO to be the owner of the dashboard.
    Other dioceses have invited both the PSO and the incumbent.
    We would recommend the latter, but the decision is yours.
  • When will you invite them?
    Some dioceses have rolled out the dashboards gradually - for example, one deanery at a time.
    Other dioceses have invited everyone at once.

Step 4 - Customising the dashboards (optional)

Some dioceses simply use the standard dashboard without any modifications.  Other dioceses customise some of the help text so that it refers to their own diocesan resources.

Step 5 - Notifying the parishes

Before sending out any invitations, you need to tell both incumbents and PSOs about Safeguarding Dashboards.

It is best to give some advance notification via your usual communication channels (e.g. newsletters and website), and then the DSA sends the following email immediately prior to Step 6:

To All Incumbents and Parish Safeguarding Officers

Dear All,

I am very grateful for everything that you are doing to make our parishes safer.    

I realise that good safeguarding can involve a significant amount of work.  Therefore, I am pleased to tell you about one of the ways in which we are making safeguarding easier for you.

Safeguarding Dashboards were designed with the help of PSOs and incumbents in a wide range of parishes (both large and small).  They are now being used by over 4,000 parishes across the Church of England, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

The dashboard is really easy to use on a smartphone, tablet or computer.  Green lights give you the assurance that you are complying with the Parish Safeguarding Handbook.  Amber and red lights highlight any outstanding actions.  It will even produce an Action Plan for discussion and approval by the PCC (which has been a requirement since 2017).

During the next couple of days, you will receive an invitation to register for your parish dashboard(s).  Please accept the invitation before it expires.

Most people find that they can intuitively use the dashboard without any instructions.  However, if you want a demonstration, please watch this short video...

Our Diocese Board of Finance has invested in Safeguarding Dashboards to make safeguarding easier for you.  I strongly commend it to you.  

Step 6 - Sending out the invitations

If you decided to roll out the dashboards gradually, then you can send out the invitations whenever you are ready.  It's very easy to do, and it takes about an hour to send out 60 invitations.

If you decided to invite everyone at once, we can send out a large batch of invitations on your behalf.

What next?

See the Initial Follow-up page.

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